If you need a scan, you’ll find that our imaging suite has some of the most sophisticated equipment in the country. That’s essential for the clear detailed images of the body that a specialist needs for a reliable diagnosis. Our CT scans have 10x the diagnostic power of a typical NHS scan at a lower dose of radiation than you would receive during a flight to New York.

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Which type of scan do you need?

Your doctor or consultant, or a specialist at TIC Cardio, will recommend the most appropriate type of scan for your condition. This is a brief guide to the services we can provide. You will find more details of individual services by clicking on the name of the service.

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Our MRI scanner is one of the most advanced in the country and is a model sought after by top athletes for assessing musculosketal injuries. Its magnetic field is double the strength of typical scanners, and allows for a crisper and more detailed image of soft tissues. It employs new technology making it one of the quietest models in the UK, so that we can achieve the best images in the most comfortable and relaxing way possible.

You’ll get fast results. The average UK waiting time for a scan by the NHS is 6+ weeks. That wait can be an anxious and worrying time, or often spent in pain. At TIC Health you can book a same day scan and have your results within 4 – 24 hrs.

Welcome to TIC Imaging

The Imaging team at TIC Health is one big family. We’re a driven team, a highly experienced team — and we make sure we have fun along the way. We believe that patient dignity and experience is vital and we all work hard to make sure you have an incredible experience. From booking to the time you walk out of the door after your scans, we pride ourselves in making you feel cared for, listened to and respected.

Knowing that I come to work every day and work with state-of-the-art equipment excites me. Knowing that you are satisfied with our service satisfies me. Knowing that I am in an environment where I can learn and grow stimulates me. As a team, we are proud of what we do and how we do it. We are delighted to welcome you to TIC Imaging.

Mwyzr Christmas

Deputy Imaging Manager

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You will usually need to be referred for a scan by a health professional, such as a Consultant, GP, Osteopath, Chiropractor or Physiotherapist. You can also book and pay for your own private MRI scan or ultrasound – one of our doctors on site can make the necessary initial assessment. All we need is details of a health professional to send your result.

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