TIC Health

Reshaping diagnostic services

TIC Health is different. We offer the services that other medical centres provide – Cardio, Imaging, Doctor and Physio – but we deliver them as a single, integrated service under one umbrella. No more going from place to place for a GP visit, scan or physio. We’ve brought those services together so you can walk in with a problem and walk out with a practical solution. These are also highly-sophisticated services using some of the most experienced practitioners and the most advanced imaging technology in the country at prices that are very affordable. With TIC, you won’t have to compromise on the quality of treatment. We believe this is the future of diagnostic services — and we’re making it a reality now.

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Why choose TIC

You’ll find the latest in diagnostic technology and medical services from our work with elite sports people and performers. Now, we’re bringing that expertise and sophisticated equipment into the community and making it accessible to you. You’ll receive assessment on some of the most advanced imaging equipment in the country and get advice from leading consultants and a team of highly qualified doctors and physiotherapists, as well as a cardiac screening service used by Premiership footballers. This really is the future of diagnostic health and it’s available to you now.

A world-class team at your service

To ensure you enjoy the possible experience with TIC Health, we’ve brought together a world-class team working together under a single umbrella. You’ll be in the skilled, experienced hands of world-renowned consultants and doctors, highly qualified physiotherapists who have worked with elite athletes and skilled radiographers who ensure the best quality scans with maximal comfort and ease for our patients,

What our staff say